Westchester August 2022 Open


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8/27/2022 12:00 AM

8/27/2022 9:00 AM

8/28/2022 7:00 PM

Tournament Details

All matches are 3 out of 5 games. The tournament committee reserves the right to change the draw limit for any event depending on the number of registrants. No prize money awarded for defaults, splits or unfinished matches. USATT dress code is enforced. Do not wear white clothing. 

 ENTRY DEADLINE: Postal mail entries must be received by Jun. 22, 2018. Late 

entries will be accepted, by phone or at the door, space permitting. 

 ENTRY POLICY/RATINGS: USATT ratings of Jun. 22, 2018, will be used. No player may participate in two events that start at the same time or more than three events on the same day. 

 ELIGIBILITY: Players must pay either a USATT membership fee or a tournament pass. Either may be done at the door. 


For age events, players must be in their age category as of the tournament date. The tournament committee may estimate ratings for unrated players, who are then eligible to advance to the playoffs. The top two rated players in the open event, U-2500, U-2200, U-2050, and U-1900 will be automatically seeded into the playoffs. Two players advance from each RR, except for U-2350. 

 DEFAULT POLICY: USATT rules apply. Players not signed in within 10 minutes 


of an event's starting time may be defaulted. REFUNDS: Unused fees will be applied to the next tournament of the player’s choice. 

 (*) O40 + U2000: Over 40 and Under 2000. (**) HANDICAP: Higher-rated player to be handicapped 1 point for every 75-point rating advantage over lower-rated player. Maximum 7 points per game. (***) HI-LO DOUBLES: Assigned pairs: Highest-rated player paired with the lowest, second-highest with secondlowest, etc. $10 entry fee is per person.


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