2022 HITTA Leagues (Season 1)

2022 HITTA Leagues (Season 1)

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Singles League

1/6/2022 5:00 PM

1/7/2022 7:00 PM

1/7/2022 10:00 PM

League Details

EQUIPMENT: ITTF approved equipment will be used: Butterfly Tables & Nets and 3-star 40+ mm poly balls. Floor: Sports Mat


DEADLINE: League registration will be through HITTA web site at http://www.hittacademy.com.  From the drop down menu select Services and then League.  Book the date you want to play and pay online.


REFUND: Players will be refunded entry fees or be given credit for future league play if the player notify the HITTA league directors no later than 30 minutes before the league starts.  Refunds will not be given for any withdrawals after this.  No refund for no shows.

HITTA Spring League will be organized as follows;

 1. HITTA League II

     - Friday starts 7pm.  Check in by 6:30pm.  Late arriving players must notify the League Director before start of league matches.

     - Max capacity 48 players.  League director can increase this limit.

     - For players with USATT league rating below 1300.

     - The Beginners Youth groups will be part of this league.


2. HITTA League I

     - Saturday starts 6:30pm.  Check in by 6:00pm.  Late arriving players must notify the League Director before start of league matches.

     - Max capacity 48 players.  League director can increase this limit.

     - For players with USATT league rating above 1299 (see note 3 below).

      - Players with ratings between 1100 and 1299 can sign up for this league on a first come first serve basis provided the league is not full.  Time stamps of sign up will determine order on the wait list.  Confirmation of entry into League I will be done by noon a day before League Day.  Players in this group can play both League II and League I (based on availability) if so desired.  Note that promoted player(s) from League II has/have priority over this group of players.

 3.  The League Director retain the right to adjust the cut off rating between League I and League II.

 League Registration and Fees

·         Players MUST register for each league one day before League Day  by 5pm.  Once the max limit is reached, no more players will be accepted.  Same day registration is only accepted if the league has not reached max limit.

·         The league fee shall be $5 per night for HITTA members and $8 for non-HITTA members.   A $2 late fees will be imposed for entries after the Thursday 5pm registration deadline.  The funds collected will be used to purchase awards and end of the league party.  Payments must be made via online payment methods accepted by HITTA.

·         Players who signed up, not paid, and not show up without notifying the League Director in advance (no later than 3pm on League Day) will be barred from enrolling in the following week’s league.  


Point System and End of League Awards

·         Awards will be awarded at the end of the Fall league. 

·         A bonus point system will be used to determine award winners.  The following procedure will be used to award bonus points each week and determine end of league award winners.

1.      All players that turn up will be awarded bonus points each week.

2.      Bonus points are awarded based on the number of players in the group.  i.e. if there are 5 players, top finisher gets 5 points, 2nd finisher gets 4 points, …, and the last place player gets 1 point.

3.      A group multiplier will be used to multiply the bonus points awarded in step 2 above for all groups except the lowest group.  i.e. If there are N groups that week, Group 1 (the top group) will have a (N-1) multiplier, Group 2 will have a (N-2) multiplier,  etc.  The lowest group will have a group multiplier of 1.

4.      Total points awarded each week after computations are done in step 2 and 3 will be accumulated for all players turn out each week until the end of league season.

5.      At the end of the Fall league season, players will be placed in divisions based on the following league rating (after the last league ratings are processed) criteria;

a.      Division A – 2000 and above

b.      Division B – 1750 to 1999

c.       Division C – 1350 to 1749

d.      Division D – 1349 and below

e.      Beginners Youth Division – all beginners youth players not moved to other division at the end of league season.

The HITTA league committee reserved the rights to change each division’s cutoff ratings.

6.      End of League Season Bonus Points Awards will then be given to top bonus points finishers in each Division.

7.      The following tie breaking rules (in descending order) will be applied if players end the league with the same total bonus points.

a.      # of 1st place finishes

b.      # of 2nd place finishes

c.       # of 3rd place finishes

d.      Head-to-head win/loss during current league season

8.      Interim Bonus Points Leaders for each Division will be published each week for reference only.  Players may or may not be in the same division at the end of league season.


League Rules

·         League members must be active USATT members.   Cost for basic membership is $25 per year.   Players will not be enrolled in the league if

o   he/she cannot maintain an active USATT membership for the week he/she is playing the league

o   he/she allows his/her USATT membership to lapse that results in USATT not able to process his/her league results

·         Rating Rules:

o   USATT league rating will be used to place each player into their playing group.

o   If a player has no league rating, his/her tournament rating will be used to place him/her in an appropriate group.

o   If a player has league rating at least 250 points lower than his/her tournament rating (with tournament rating being the more recent one), his/her tournament rating will be used to place him/her in an appropriate group.

·         Matches will be best of 5 to 11 points.  All USATT rules apply.  Any contentions will be resolved by the League Director.

·         Players MUST play all their matches. 

·         Default Rules:  HITTA leagues has the following rules pertaining to defaulting matches.

o   Default Situation 1 - Without an acceptable reasons, the person defaulting a match (ie did not play by leaving early or chose not to play a certain match) will be deemed to have lost that match he/she defaulted and rating adjustments will be done as though he/she has lost the match.

o   Default Situation 2 - person defaulting a match with acceptable reasons (see list of acceptable reasons below) will be deemed to have lost that match he/she defaulted but no rating adjustments will be processed.

o   List of acceptable reasons:

1.      Noticeable injury has developed during the course of the league that is detrimental to the player’s health if he/she continues to play.

2.      Unnoticeable injury was claimed by a player that prevents him/her from continuing.  A history of such claims will given league director grounds to reject such claim.

3.      An emergency has arose that required the player to leave the league early without completing his/her matches.

4.      League has gone over 3 hours and players had to leave and could not complete their matches due to delays not under their control.

o   The player intending to default MUST notify the league director of his/her intention to default and the underlying reason.  The league director will determine if the default falls under situation 1. or 2.

o   To prevent players from “cherry picking” matches to play or not play, a player can only claim default to be in situation 2. for matches that come after the last match he/she played based on order of play on the score sheet.  All early matches not played will be considered to be in situation 1.  For example, a player in a 6 persons group will have 5 matches to play.  If he/she played matches 1, 2, and 4, skipping match 3 based on order of play on the score sheet and he/she has a family emergency requiring him/her to return home immediately, so he/she defaulted match 3 and 5.  Match 5 will be considered to be a situation 2 default while match 3 will be a situation 1 default. 

·         Matches MUST be played according to the order indicated in the draw sheets unless there are players not present when matches start.

·         Score sheets must be updated to show match results and points scored for each game clearly and accurately.  All defaults are scored as loses.

·         The intention is to place each player into a group of 5-7 players (nominally 6) and limit rating spread within a group to no more than 250.  This will provide more competitive matches for each player.  However, the League Director may choose to use different format if the need arises. 

·         Grouping Method:  the following method is used to place players into Groups.

1.      Order all playing players based on their individual rating (see rating rules above)

2.      Groups the ordered list of players into groups of 5-8 players.  6 will be the nominal number of players per group.

3.      Group 1 will be the group with the top rated players.


Promotion Rules

·         To provide development opportunities for players, top finishers of each group will be given the opportunity to be promoted to the next higher level group the following week.   Players can opt not to be promoted by notifying the League Director before 3pm on League Day.

·         Promotion Rules:

o   Top finisher of each group (except Group 1 where there is no promotion) will be promoted to one higher group the following week.

o   Method to determine group to promote players into.

§  The first pass list of grouping will be done based on  “Grouping Method” as described above.

§  If a player to be promoted is in Group N after the first pass grouping, he/she will be moved into Group N-1.  E.g. Player A is grouped in Group 3 after the first pass grouping, he/she will be moved into Group 2 instead.

§  Promotions are only good for the following league play.

·         After all promotions are completed, the groups will be rebalanced to maintain the number of players in each group as in the first pass grouping.  That means players at the lower portion of each group could be moved down a group or players at the upper portion of each group could be moved up a group.


The league committee will publish results and rating update per the following schedule each week;

Match results updated at sportfist.com - One day after league day.     

USATT league ratings updated at USATT - One day after league day.

Bonus Points Leaders updated - Two days after league day.

Promotion list updated - Two days after league day.


(League can decide alternates to all of these directives)

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